About Little Start

Your child's home away from home.

The Centre is the first of its kind in Simcoe County. We provide around-the-clock
childcare for 364 days of the year. We are pleased to provide care for those parents who work nontraditional hours and shift work. The Centre can accommodate regular
childcare hours, after school childcare and even overnight and weekend care.

Our Philosophy

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  • It is our obligation to ensure that the integrity of our centre is being met for our staff and families at all times.
  • LSCCC believes that by putting our children, families and staff first we will be able to have a cohesive, friendly and welcoming environment.
  • We strive to offer high quality child care, to all of our clients, through an emergent curriculum based program.
  • We believe open communication lets families be heard, avoids misunderstandings and manages expectations of what you expect from our centre.
  • Staff will be available for questions and inquires. If they are unsure of the answer we will make sure to get the answers for you.
  • By having Group Leaders as floaters throughout the building to ensure that parents/children and staff have all of their needs, request and concerns met for a successful day.
  • Little Start Child Care is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our families and staff. Our centre has cameras strategically placed throughout the building which record 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
  • The centre is kept locked and secured at all times, and all visitors must ring our door bell and show ID if required.
  • Monthly fire drills are completed, as well as daily safety inspections of the building and playground, to ensure that all equipment is in good repair and ready to be used, as required.
  • Little Start child care takes pride in being available to families 24 hours a day 364 days a year (Excluding Christmas Day).
  • We accommodate families on an as needed basis (as long as ratios allow us to accommodate the request). We respond to emails, phone calls as well as drop-ins at the office in a timely fashion.
  • Our staffs are qualified with criminal and vulnerable reference checks, first aid certifications, Food handlers certified, as well as each room having an RECE.
  • Establish positive responsive relationships with children and their families.
  • Value children as individuals and as active and competent contributors with their own interests and points of view.
  • Provide environments and experiences for children to explore ideas, investigate their theories, and interact with others in play.
  • Engage with families and support each child within the context of his or her family, recognizing that family and child well-being are inextricably linked.
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for educators to engage in critical reflection and discussion with others about pedagogy and practice to support professional learning and growth.

Our Staff

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Cheryl Peyton


Josie Taylor, RECE


Leslie Cain

Centre Coordinator / Camp Director

Jayme Murray, RECE

Infant Program

Meet the rest of our staff
Meet the rest of our staff

Our Mission

We strive each day to provide every child with a safe and fun
environment, giving them the nurture and comfort of home.

Our Facility

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  • Over 4300 sq. ft. of space for your children to play and learn
  • Top-tier security, including CCTV, locked & monitored entrances and panic buttons with direct connections to the appropriate emergency services.
  • Comfortable, commercial-grade cribs for babies and full twin-size beds for overnight toddlers & children

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